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Simply Contact The Shop

Simply contact the studio by your preferred method and our shop manager "Shawnee" will help you through our booking process. 

Wait times for appointments vary based on the size of your tattoo.  

In Person Consultations

Our FREE consultation is there to ensure you will get the best tattoo possible and provide you with the most accurate quote. The consultation is important to our process because it gives the client a chance to communicate their ideas and a chance to build a tattoo artist/client relationship. At the consultation you will need to explain your tattoo ideas. You can do this several ways, bring in reference material, pictures of other tattoos you admire or basically anything to help get your point across visually. 

Online Consultations

Not every tattoo needs an in-person consult and we will gladly do our best to work with you online via facebook or email during regular business hours. However, please realize that in tattooing there are factors that simply can’t be recognized or fully addressed via this method and for those reasons we cannot guarantee online quotes. However, a large majority of the time there is no issue but we like to be upfront with our clients and make them aware of this. Remember a quote is only as accurate as the information you provided us.

Pricing & Quotes

We have a shop minimum of $80 and for most single session tattoos we quote with min/max range based on the information you provide us at the time. For large tattoos requiring multiple sessions we charge by the hour at a rate of $120 an hour. We do use a timer for our hourly sessions for our clients to see and only engage the timer when directly working on your tattoo. In other don't pay for the breaks, preparation time or overall time spent in the shop. We believe in transparency and fairness in our pricing. Quotes are valid for 30 days.


A 50% deposit is required to book and hold your appointment time ($50 min.). The deposit will come off the final price of your tattoo on the day of your appointment. 48 hours notice is required for rescheduling or cancellations. Deposits become non-refundable once the artwork is started. Missing your appointment for any reason will forfeit your deposit.

When Requesting A Quote

First and fore most know what you want! Our job is to give you a beautiful tattoo and not to decide what you should wear for a lifetime.

Have some ideas where you might want to put the design and the overall size of the design.

Bring picture references which makes it much easier to communicate your ideas.


Be open to suggestions, please understand that not every picture or idea makes for a good tattoo or is even tattoo-able.

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